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The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse

Thornton W. Burgess

Book Overview: 

Danny begins his tale regretting the length of his tail until he is corrected by Mr. Toad. Then he has a series of stalkings by Reddy and Granny Fox. He is captured by Hooty the Owl and escapes mid-flight to Peter Rabbit's briar patch. Peter goes to Farmer Brown's peach orchard and gets caught in a snare and barely escapes himself. Finally Danny gets trapped in a tin can and must use his wits to escape Reddy Fox again. (Summary from Wikipedia)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Tell me that.”

For a minute Danny didn’t know just what to say. “I—I—I’d look so much better if I had a long tail,” he ventured.

Old Mr. Toad just laughed. “You never saw a Meadow Mouse with a long tail, did you? Of course not. What a sight it would be! Why, everybody on the Green Meadows  would laugh themselves sick at the sight! You see you need to be slim and trim and handsome to carry a long tail well. And then what a nuisance it would be! You would always have to be thinking of your tail and taking care to keep it out of harm’s way. Look at me. I’m homely. Some folks call me ugly to look at. But no one tries to catch me as Farmer Brown’s boy does Billy Mink because of his fine coat; and no one wants to put me in a cage because of a fine voice. I am satisfied to be just as I am, and if you’ll take my advice, Danny Meadow Mouse, you’ll be s. . . Read More

Community Reviews

My 7 yr old gave these books a 5. I agree. "His books are awesome' she says.I liked the way morals were told in an entertaining way. I bet my daughter didn't feel she was being moralized at because she wanted to hear the whole book. I've tried others that had a distinct 'moral' or 'value' and she ha

Ediția românească este sub titlul: Aventurile lui Danny, șoricelul de câmp.
Această poveste pe capitole scurte, integrata în lumea animală a lui Throton Burgess i-a prins pe ambii băieți (mai ales pe cel de 5 ani dar și pe cel de 7).
Oferă câte ceva din variate bunătăți: aventură, cunoștințe despre c

This is a book I read aloud as part of HOD curriculum with my little 6 year old. I love how Burgess stays so true to nature in the animal behaviors, struggles, and escapades! A cute chapter book with lots of good little lessons and morals! Sometimes can be a little cumbersome with so many details bu

These little books are nostalgic for me, as they were read to us in country school. The author created simple adventures for each featured animal. Burgess taught his readers by accurately presenting the habits of the animals.

Cute story! Great read aloud with children! I read with my 6 year old son and he loved it. He didn't want to stop because he just had to know what happened next. The suspense is great. We have also read the adventures of Reddy fox which is part of this series!!!

I liked the part when Hooty the Owl grabbed onto Danny Meadow Mouse and Danny Meadow Mouse was struggling in Hooty the Owl's sharp claws.

The Burgess Books

This is a phrase that brings a smile to my face as often as I hear it. As a young child, I would lose myself for hours in the simple world of the wood and pond inhabited by Little Joe Otter, Buster Bear, Grandfather Frog, and terrorized by Farmer Brown's Boy. I can remember the ver

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