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The Adventures of Buster Bear

Thornton W. Burgess

Book Overview: 

The Adventures of Buster Bear is another set of children’s stories by the conservationist, Thornton W. Burgess. Buster Bear has many adventures and misadventures as he meets the different characters in the Green Forest near the Laughing Brook. Along the way, we learn about the habits of Buster and his friends and we learn little lessons about life such as the importance of sharing, not stealing, making friends and not sticking one’s head into tin pails.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Everything was still save for the laughter of the Laughing Brook. Somehow, it seemed to Buster as if the Brook were laughing at him.

"It's very curious," muttered Buster, "very curious indeed. It looks as if my fishing is spoiled for to-day. I don't understand it at all. It's lucky I caught what I did. It looks as if somebody is trying to—ha!" A sudden thought had popped into his head.[Pg 16] Then he began to chuckle and finally to laugh. "I do believe that scamp Joe Otter is trying to get even with me for eating that fat trout!"

And then, because Buster Bear always enjoys a good joke even when it is on himself, he laughed until he had to hold his sides, which is a whole lot better than going off in a rage as Little Joe Otter had done. "You're pretty smart, Mr. Otter! You're pretty smart, but there are other people who are smart too," said Buster Bear, and still chuckling, he went off to think up a plan to get the best of Little Joe. . . Read More

Community Reviews

My 7 yr old gave these books a 5. I agree. "His books are awesome' she says.I liked the way morals were told in an entertaining way. I bet my daughter didn't feel she was being moralized at because she wanted to hear the whole book. I've tried others that had a distinct 'moral' or 'value' and she h

SO cute! Another 5 star for the Burgess Animal Stories collection.

3 stars & 3/10 hearts. I remember particularly enjoying this book as a child, and I still like it. It has some good lessons and some humour, and is quick, easy read. 

A Favourite Quote: “Getting even just for spite / Doesn't always pay. / Fact is, it is very apt / To work the other way.”
A Favourite H

I remember when Farmer Brown's boy left a pail of blueberries and Buster Bear came along because he was going to go eating berries too. And Farmer Brown's Boy's mother promised him that he would make blueberry pie if he came home with blueberries. And Buster Bear put the pail on his head to get lots

Deze keer gaat het verhaal over Buster Bear. Hij is een hele tijd weggebleven van het grondgebied van het kleine volkje, maar nu heeft hij besloten om zich daar een tijdje te vestigen. De eerste waar hij het mee aan de stok krijgt is Little Joe Otter, omdat de beer vis vangt op de plaatsen waar de o

I read this with my six-year-old son, and neither us were gripped. Perhaps pedantic sententiousness and bloviate redundancy were all the style a century ago, but I strongly suspect neither of us would have been favorably impressed had we read this when it first came out either. Which is not to say m

Modern cover for an older story. This is a reprint of an older series of children stories. The cover of this one gives it a "face lift". The artwork differs from the cover once you turn the page.

I didn't know this instantly because I never heard of this book before. But I found it odd that the cover

Read this aloud to my son. A sweet, exciting, charming story.

This is a pleasant read that my kids really enjoyed. It is a simple story that will amuse your kids, while instructing them in common sense, courtesy, and humility.

My kids love Burgess' animal stories.

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