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The Adventure of the Dying Detective

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Book Overview: 

someone attempts to poison Holmes and he wishes the would-be poisoner to believe it is working. To that end, he convinces Watson that it worked knowing that Watson will seem absolutely genuine to the would-be poisoner, in an attempt to catch him.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .He looked at me with venomous eyes.

"If I am to have a doctor whether I will or not, let me at least have someone in whom I have confidence," said he.

"Then you have none in me?"

"In your friendship, certainly. But facts are facts, Watson, and, after all, you are only a general practitioner with very limited experience and mediocre qualifications. It is painful to have to say these things, but you leave me no choice."

I was bitterly hurt.

"Such a remark is unworthy of you, Holmes. It shows me very clearly the state of your own nerves. But if you have no confidence in me I would not intrude my services. Let me bring Sir Jasper Meek or Penrose Fisher, or any of the best men in London. But someone you MUST have, and that is final. If you think that I am going to stand here and see you die without either helping you myself or bringing anyone else to help you, then you have mistaken your man."

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Community Reviews

" ثمة العديد من المشكلات التي تسببها الأمراض، والعديد من الاحتمالات المرضية الغريبة في الشرق يا واطسون."

"لأنه كان يعمل في أحد التحقيقات المهنية التي كان يجريها بين بحارة صينين"

"وحين ننتهي من مركز الشرطة أعتقد أننا يجب أن نحصل على شيء مغذ من محل سيمبسون. "

أمراض من الشرق (الصين)، صندوق لنقل المرض لشا

Holmes tricks a murderer to confess his deed. Watson is oblivious, as usual.

Not the best SH story. It was okay. 2 stars.

Mrs. Hudson is very worried about Sherlock Holmes
Mr. Watson went to see his doctor
But why all this ?
Yes Sherlock Holmes is sick
The doctor came and told Sherlock he would die
But what caused the disease ?

The Adventure of the Dying Detective' focuses mainly on Sherlock Holmes himself, who claims to be quite ill and about to die from a Sumatran disease. Mrs. Hudson, his housekeeper, is quite worried about him, so she convinces Dr. Watson to visit him in the apartment. Once Watson has seen Holmes, he i

He was indeed a deplorable spectacle. In the dim light of a foggy November day the sick room was a gloomy spot, but it was that gaunt, wasted face staring at me from the bed which sent a chill to my heart.
The Adventure of the Dying Detective, Arthur Conan Doyle

Unica lettura in lingua che abbia mai f

اگه سریال شرلوک با بازی بندیکت تیموتی کارلتون کامبربچ (ماشالا اسم) رو دنبال کرده باشید پس خوندن این کتاب رو بهتون پیشنهاد میکنم
قسمت دوم فصل چهارم اقتباسی از این کتاب است
(اقتباس بهتر از داستان اصلی بود)

لینک ترجمه کتاب رو در کامنت ها قرار دادم


I love this one even though it is absolutely and utterly predictable, for the mere lengths Sherlock is willing to go to be an ass to Watson.

... and again, Watson just takes it.

Great story

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