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Adrift on an Ice-Pan

Sir Wilfred Grenfell

Book Overview: 

This autobiographical work describes the author’s harrowing experience caught on a small drifting piece of ice, while crossing a frozen bay by dog team on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .of the purpose of a man, dimly at first, conceived in a home in[xix] which all, both of tradition and of teaching, bred faith, reverence, and the sense of thanksgiving in usefulness.

From the school-days at Parkgate came the step to Marlborough College, where three years were marked by earnest study, both in books and in play, for the one gained a scholarship and the other an enduring interest in Rugby football. Matriculating later at the University of London, Grenfell entered the London Hospital, and there laid not only the foundation of his medical education, but that of his friendship with Sir Frederick Treves, renowned surgeon and daring sailor and master mariner as well. With plenty of work to the fore, as a hospital interne, the ruling spirit still asserted itself, and the[xx] young doctor became an inspiration among the waifs of the teeming city; he was one of the founders of the great Lads' Brigades which have done much good, and fostered more, in the ex. . . Read More

Community Reviews

It's sad to see that people are reviewing this book from 1908 on the fact that the author killed 3 dogs to survive on ice in the ocean. He regretted the loss of them, created a lasting memorial for them once he returned, and included them in this book as another memorial. If he was not found he and

Easily one of the best stories I've read this year.
This story by and about Wilfred Grenfell is a short account of how this medical missionary almost died but made necessary sacrifices to survive being adrift at sea upon a block of ice.
Unique and incredible, stories like this one are the reason for

This is an intriguing story about a man that gets stuck on an ice pan (small iceberg thingy I think) for a day or two with his team of sled dogs. He has to kill three of his dogs to survive, and he contemplates killing a fourth dog so he can drink the dog’s blood in order to avoid dying of thirst. T

Great survival story. Gripping and crisply written.

The author got into trouble because of his own bad judgment, then ended up killing several of his beloved sled dogs to survive. Ugh. It's worth a read, but I came out with a very bad impression of the writer.

This book consists of a single account of Grenfell's misfortune during his journey to the home of a young patient. I enjoyed his descriptive storytelling, both of the landscape and his turmoil. This has sparked interest in me to read more about his other writings. The complimentary material included

Wilfred Grenfell was quite the explorer. He did a lot of good for the people of Labrador. He raised money to supply doctors by giving lectures and showing pictures of what the country looked like. Some say he went too far. This story in probably one example. He shouldn't have gone across the ice as

A quick, touching story about a real-life adventure and a man's heartbreaking decision to sacrifice a few members of his beloved dog team in order to save his own life. Sad and touching. I enjoyed this!

A short story that depicts a man's near death experience, the harshness of pioneer times, and a first person view into the realities of settlement life. An aspect I was not expecting from the story was Grenfell's perception of God. As a person not of god, I particularly found Grenfell's portraya

I've read a few of these type of adventure/lost at sea/ alone in the far north type of accounts, and this one is unique in that the ice pan Grenfell finds himself adrift on is within sight of land. Again, for me, its the things that go on in the person's mind that interest me the most. Grenfell is c

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