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Mack Reynolds

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .on't believe they've even got the wheel."

The eight of them clustered about the craft's portholes, taking in the primitive city that surrounded them. The square had emptied at their approach, and now the several thousand citizens that had filled it were peering fearfully from street entrances and alleyways.

Cogswell, a fiery little technician, said, "Look at them! It'll take hours before they drum up enough courage to come any closer. You were right, doctor. If we left the boat now, we'd make fools of ourselves trying to coax them near enough to talk."

Watson said to Joe Chessman "What do you mean, no Emperor Montezuma?"

Chessman said absently, as he watched, "When the Spanish got to Mexico they didn't understand what they saw, being musclemen rather than scholars. And before competent witnesses came on the scene, Aztec society was destroyed. The conquistadors, who did attempt to describe Tenochtitlán, misinterprete. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Amazing chilling book!

As I wrote in my review of A.J. Budrys's
The Barbarians
, I gave myself a task to read Golden Age SF for craft and technique, one of which was Mack Reynolds's Adaptation.
First, historians should read this book. It's basically the USSR versus the USA in deep space, although not in open armed confl

This was a delight. I don’t think there were any women in the entire thing, but it was a good read.

Currently one of my favourite books! A little short, if anything, and with a very unexpected ending.

An overall interesting read. I don’t get why a thousand years was waited before anything was done for these planets instead of say like a hundred years. Everything that happened on the planets was predictable. Even the “twist” at the end was not a huge surprise. It could be gleaned from certain thin

I loved the elaborate setting of two planets and a fight of egos. The twist in the end was unexpected but wonderful.

Short but thoroughly engrossing . Enjoyed the ending.

I always find the potential futures discussed in sci-fi fascinating, and this book combines societies from the past, with intervention from the future. There are some parts I found to be unrealistic (with reference to human behaviour) but overall a good read.

It has been many years since I have read anything by Reynolds. Great author. Interesting twist at the end. Mankind is adaptable -beyond what some think.

So rare that I give a 5 star rating to a short story, not sure I've ever done it to be honest, but this little book deserves it. Not only was I completely enthralled with this, I want to read other things by this writer and am actually recommended this book to several friends.