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Before Adam

Jack London

Book Overview: 

"Before Adam is a mixture of sound science and sci-fi speculation. It is based around Darwin's theory of evolution and the idea of racial memory. The main character lives in the current world but has dreams and nightmares that he relives the pre-stone age life of one of his proto-human ancestors.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .mblance of the full meaty calf such as graces your leg and mine. I remember he could not walk on the flat of his foot. This was because it was a prehensile foot, more like a hand than a foot. The great toe, instead of being in line with the other toes, opposed them, like a thumb, and its opposition to the other toes was what enabled him to get a grip with his foot. This was why he could not walk on the flat of his foot.

But his appearance was no more unusual than the manner of his coming, there to my mother and me as we perched above the angry wild pigs. He came through the trees, leaping from limb to limb and from tree to tree; and he came swiftly. I can see him now, in my wake-a-day life, as I write this, swinging along through the trees, a four-handed, hairy creature, howling with rage, pausing now and again to beat his chest with his clenched fist, leaping ten-and-fifteen-f. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I happened on this one during a browse session at my local used book dealer. Since I remember loving
Call of the Wild
, this seemed a no-brainer to try. Furthermore, thanks to the first section of Arthur C. Clarke's
, I was also anxious to see another fictional take on prehistoric humans.

"Geri dönüp baktığımda, yaşamlarımızın ve kaderlerimizin çok küçük rastlantılara dayandığını açıkça görebiliyorum."

London'ın her kitabı farklı bir tat.

Another on my 'London Bridge' personal challenge list, which explores a few London titles that do not focus on what we all think of his 'usual' topics. Here we learn the story of a young man who has had strange dreams ever since he can remember. Dreams about living in a long ago past era, living as

Jack London’dan çok farklı bir uzun hikaye. Aslında “büyüklere masallar” formatında yazılmış, Darwin ve Evrim Kuramı’ndan etkilenerek kurguladığı bu kitap alıştığımız J. London’ı aratıyor. Beğenip beğenmemek değil mesele aslında, öykü sevimli ve rahat okunuyor ancak Jack London’nın o muhteşem doğa v

An interesting first hand account of what it was like to live in the 'stone-age'. London uses the dreams of a boy who remembers this past life, but does it pretty well. The story is told pretty completely without a lot of waking up & messing about in the present day. The racial memory idea isn't one

Gece vardiyası ❤️

Jack London, a writter well known by his great tales of south seas and about the gold rush in Alaska with tales as To Light a Fire or Law of Life is a forefather of several genres : the postapocaliptic, with the novel The Scarlet Plague ,the utopian distopian with The Iron Heel and this rather uncla

Muhteşem bir kitaptı. Ben yere çakılanlardanım ama :) Sanırım benim atalarım düşüp sağ kurtulandan. Jack London böyle bir kitabı yazarak engin zekasını bir kez daha ortaya koymuş. Okumama vesile olan Bumin Varlı arkadaşıma bir kez daha teşekkürlerimi sunuyorum :)

Adem'den Önce'yi okurken, öncelikle böyle bir kitabı yazma fikrinin çok ilginç olduğunu düşündüğümü hatırlıyorum. Bana göre oldukça yaratıcıydı ve aynı zamanda hayal gücümü çalıştırmamı sağlayan da bir kitap oldu. "Yarı- insan" olma halinin ve o zamanki koşulların müthiş bir ustalıkla ve sürükleyici

Unexpectedly awesome. The entire thing is on libravox, which is how I listened to it. This is technically a work of science fiction, I suppose. Its premised on an idea of "genetic memory" which Im pretty sure is wholly discredited. The narrator has a genetically imprinted memory of his ancestors, pa

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