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The 4-D Doodler

Graph Waldeyer

Book Overview: 

Do you believe, Professor Gault, that this four dimensional plane contains life--intelligent life?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .There was a standing award of $50,000 for the lucky mathematician who would solve the mystery of the "stress-barrier" encountered by skyscrapers as they were built up toward the 150 story mark. At this height, they encountered stress and strains which mathematical computations and engineering designs had been unable to solve. Harper believed the "stress-barrier" was due to an undetected space-bending close to the earth's surface, a bending of space greater than ever provided for in the prediction of Einstein. And if he was right, and could win that award, then there might be wedding bells, and a little bungalow with Judith....

Harper's greatest fear was that he would do something to annoy Gault into firing him, thus depriving him of the privilege of using the mathematical charts and computing machines available in the laboratory. Right now, he hoped Gault wouldn't notice that statue in the corner—

"What's that!"

Harper's heart leaped. T. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A classic science-fiction short story from 1941. Like many stories of its kind from that time, it's much more about imagination and hypothesis than either style or substance. C'mon, it's about the possibilities of the 4th dimension and the sentient beings who could live there! What's not to enjoy ab

A wild very short story.
The story is told in a narrative and conversational style.

The narrator is well spoken, his voice is clear and easy to listen to.
The recording good is clean with out any background noises. There plenty of volume. The editing is seamless.

Old-timey SF.

A nice little adventure down the rabbit hole. Kept engaged without going into scientific explanations.

An amusing little story about crossing over to the fourth dimension.

A funny and very short story from 1941 telling about one lab assistant's unexpected adventures with the fourth dimension. At first I thought the doodler would be a machine or gadget of some sort, but Harper the lab assistant himself is the doodler, and he had attracted the attention of Something in

The scientists seemed to have to learn they could not explain or solve everything.

This is an interesting short story. The author definitely explored the idea of the 4th dimension to his heart's content, which is cool. But, if you're looking for more poetic prose, or, at the very least, writing that doesn't make you cringe, this isn't for you.

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