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Earl of Ypres John Denton Pinkstone French

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Francis Grenfell and the 9th Lancers.

This Brigade fought magnificently for several hours next day on the Le Cateau position.

All reconnaissance and intelligence reports received up to midnight on the 25th concur in saying that Cambrai was then still in the possession of the French, and that the position there was not yet seriously threatened; further, that whilst there were clear signs of the outflanking movement in progress, no considerable bodies of the enemy had yet crossed the line Valenciennes—Douai, and that, after their repulse at Solesmes by McCracken and Allenby, the enemy was not in strength south of the line Valenciennes—Maubeuge.

This estimate of the situation was confirmed by a German wireless message, intercepted towards the evening of the 26th, which stated that the outflanking German Corps was only at that time "moving towards" Cambrai, and that the remaining Corps, which were engaged in the frontal attack, were onl. . . Read More

Community Reviews

As the author says at the end of the book, it is a tale from which neither country emerges with much credit.

What you can "learn" from this book is that (Western) politicians manipulate, lie,and even kill to serve their own interests. Arabs have always been the victims of Western imperialism and viol

Four stars overall. Some chapters were more like three stars and others were five stars. This was a fairly uneven read. There are a few very dull chapters in this book that don't really need to be entire chapters. For example, the author spends pages and pages on the dispute between the British and

A jolly fun romp between a mildly dysfunctional odd couple on a fantastic east Mediterranean cruise.

Or actually, a tale of outright indirect, passive-aggressive competition for regional influence between two dying powers who had yet to realize their time was fast being eclipsed. Most of it is actual

كيف خدعت بريطانيا العرب وفرنسا؟ وكيف انتقمت فرنسا منها؟ ومن طرد بريطانيا من فلسطين؟ رحلة ممتعة مع كتاب هام -لكل قارئ عربي- أنصح بقراءته.

مُخطئ من يعتقد أنه على دراية تامة بكل تفاصيل تقسيم منطقة الشرق الأوسط. فبالرغم من الحقائق العديدة التي كُشِفت للجميع، إلا أنه وبعد كل وثيقة سريّة يُكشَف عنها؛ يتضح

" ليس لبريطانيا أصدقاء دائمون، وليس لها أعداء دائمون، إن لبريطانيا مصالح دائمة"
عبارة لتشرشل تضع تصور لهذا الكتاب فكل ماحدث منذ سقوط الدولة العثمانية حتى قيام نهاية الحرب العالمية الثانية كانت حرب مصالح بين بريطانيا وفرنسا حتى وأن اظهروا التحالف فيما بينهم، يبدأ الكتاب باستعراض بداية اتفاقية سايكس-بي

قبل حوالي أربع سنوات من الآن، كنتُ قد رحلت عن بلدي بسبب ظروف عمل الوالد الدبلوماسي. كنت لا أزال طالبة في المرحلة الثانوية ذاك الوقت، في مدرستي الجديدة درست الأدب واللّغات والتاريخ، -بما أنّه كان من المسموح أن أختار المواد التي أرغب بها- من ضمن ما درسته في مادة التاريخ في تلك الفترة كان هو ما يشتمل ع

The blurb above gives you a good all-round picture of the scope of this book. The first thing I should point out is that this book reads like a well written novel. Any history book holds the possibility of killing a subject with a dry regurgitation of facts. The skill lies in presenting them in such

I came across this book while casually browsing the books in a bookshop in Heathrow Airport whilst waiting for a flight to the USA. My recent reading had been covering the history of the parts of the USA I would be visiting on a road trip: mainly Wyoming but also touching on Colorado, Nebraska, Sout

I read A Line in the Sand to try to fill the gaps in my knowledge about the 20th C origins of many of the Middle East nations which were created - rather arbitrarily it turns out - by the colonial British and French powers following the precipitous fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1916 during WWI. I wa

Very interesting, shocking in many parts the history of rivalry of the British and the French in the MIddle East. You can trace the impact the two decaying empires had on the current conflict as well. I knew the role of the British in Palestine. But I did not know about the role of France in the reg

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