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A Voice in the Wilderness | Grace Livingston Hill
809 ratings
- Grace Livingston Hill

Margaret leaves her family home and security to become a school teacher in the wilds of early Arizona. Accidentally getting off her safe and warm...

A Voice on the Wind | Madison Julius Cawein
8 ratings
- Madison Julius Cawein

This is a volume of poems by Madison Julius Cawein, "the Keats of Kentucky", published at the height of his popularity in 1902.

The Valley of Decision | Edith Wharton
89 ratings
- Edith Wharton

Odo Valsecca, a promising nobleman, inherits a dukedom at a young age and, over the course of his young life, must quickly learn the politics of...

Victorian Short Stories of Successful Marriages |
60 ratings

A collection of short stories by celebrated authors on the subject of successful marriages.

Vignettes of San Francisco | Almira Bailey
10 ratings
- Almira Bailey

A collection of observations and stories about San Franciscan life - the people, the buildings, the parks, the food, the street-cars, the bay,...

Voodoo Planet | Andre Norton
795 ratings
- Andre Norton

The sequel to Plague Ship, Voodoo Planet finds the Solar Queen banned from trade and starting her supposed quiet two-year stint as an interstellar...

The Voyage Out | Virginia Woolf
8,693 ratings
- Virginia Woolf

Rachel Vinrace embarks for South America on her father's ship and is launched on a course of self-discovery in a kind of modern mythical voyage....

The Verse-Book of a Homely Woman | Fay Inchfawn
12 ratings
- Fay Inchfawn

Published by the Religious Tract Society in London, The Verse-Book of a Homely Woman is a collection of domestic, spiritual, and fanciful poems...

A Voyage to the Moon | Cyrano de Bergerac
467 ratings
- Cyrano de Bergerac

This is an edition by Professor Curtis Page of the Lovell translation of a seminal work of science fiction by Cyrano de Bergerac. Arguably a...

The Vampire Cat | Gerard Van Etten
12 ratings
- Gerard Van Etten

A Play in one act from the Japanese legend of the Nabeshima cat

The Vertical City | Fannie Hurst
12 ratings
- Fannie Hurst

As the city above soars gloriously skyward, the denizens of the city writhe in its dirty underbelly.

The Vertical City is a collection of...

The Vicar of Tours | Honoré de Balzac
213 ratings
- Honoré de Balzac

Over twenty years before Anthony Trollope wrote The Warden, in which the gentle but unfortunate Rev. Septimus Harding becomes the prey of an...

The Vicar's Daughter | George MacDonald
187 ratings
- George MacDonald

This is the third book of the 'Marshmallow' trilogy. It is a fictional autobiography written by Ethelwyn Percivale, or 'Wynnie'. Her father is a...

The Vision of Sir Launfal | James Russell Lowell
22 ratings
- James Russell Lowell

A collection of poems by Lowell, one of the Fireside poets with Longfellow, Whittier, Holmes, and Bryant, including a sketch of his life. The...

The Visits of Elizabeth | Elinor Glyn
47 ratings
- Elinor Glyn

Elizabeth is a young and naive debutante who is travelling around England and France fom one house party to the next, visiting friends and family...

Ventures Into Verse | H. L. Mencken
No ratings yet
- H. L. Mencken

Better known for his biting satire, Mencken's first book was this small volume of verses.

Voces Populi | F. Anstey
3 ratings
- F. Anstey

Voces Populi, a collection of his Punch pieces, is considered to be among his best works. He treats an array of situations from the charlatan...

The Vigil | W. W. Jacobs
1 rating
- W. W. Jacobs

A girl's military father wants her to marry only a brave man. The father is not afraid of anything alive. The girl's boyfriend may be able to put...

Veeru Goes to the Circus | Pratham Books
No ratings yet
- Pratham Books

The story of what happens when Veeru goes to the circus. The sights and sounds come to life at the circus.

Verses for Children | Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing
6 ratings
- Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing

This is a volume of verses by JHG Ewing. Ms. Ewing was best known as an author of short stories and fairy tales, but this is a volume of rhymes...

Volpone | Ben Jonson
7,163 ratings
- Ben Jonson

Volpone is a comedy by Ben Jonson first produced in 1606, drawing on elements of city comedy and beast fable. A merciless satire of greed and lust...

The Valiant Runaways | Gertrude Atherton
3 ratings
- Gertrude Atherton

Savage bears, a river rescue, capture by Indians, escape on wild mustangs and a revolutionary battle await the protagonists of this suspenseful...

The Voyage of the Beagle | Charles Darwin
6,255 ratings
- Charles Darwin

The book, also known as Darwin’s Journal of Researches, is a vivid and exciting travel memoir as well as a detailed scientific field journal...

A Vindication of Natural Diet. | Percy Bysshe Shelley
44 ratings
- Percy Bysshe Shelley

A Vindication of Natural Diet is an 1813 essay by Percy Bysshe Shelley on vegetarianism and animal rights.

A Visit to Three Fronts | Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
51 ratings
- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

In the course of May 1916, the Italian authorities expressed a desire that some independent observer from Great Britain should visit their lines...

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