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The Sea-Witch | Maturin Murray Ballou
11 ratings
- Maturin Murray Ballou

Maturin Murray Ballou was the author of dozens of books, chiefly centered around his extensive sea travel. He was deputy navy-agent in the Boston...

Shirley | Charlotte Brontë
29,654 ratings
- Charlotte Brontë

Shirley is a social novel by the English novelist Charlotte Brontë. It was Brontë's second novel after Jane Eyre. The novel is set in Yorkshire in...

The Shortstop | Zane Grey
No ratings yet
- Zane Grey

In The Shortstop drawing on his baseball experience Grey follows the adventures of seventeen year-old Chase Alloway on his quest to make his...

The Storm | Daniel Defoe
90 ratings
- Daniel Defoe

The Storm holds a special place in the writings of Daniel Defoe. Widely considered a founding document of modern journalism, The Storm narrates...

The Seven Lamps of Architecture | John Ruskin
765 ratings
- John Ruskin

The Seven Lamps of Architecture, is an extended essay written by the English art critic and theorist John Ruskin. The 'lamps' of the title are...

Symposium | Plato
39,846 ratings
- Plato

The Symposium is a philosophical book written by Plato. On one level the book deals with the genealogy, nature and purpose of love, on another...

Struwwelpeter: Merry Stories and Funny Pictures | Heinrich Hoffmann
1,313 rating
- Heinrich Hoffmann

Struwwelpeter (Slovenly Peter) is an illustrated collection of humorous children’s poems describing ludicrous and usually violent punishments for...

The Secret of Lonesome Cove | Samuel Hopkins Adams
52 ratings
- Samuel Hopkins Adams

A body is found on the beach not far from a New England town one morning. Curiously, nobody recognizes the dead woman, and nobody in or near the...

Sleep-Book | Leolyn Louise Everett
9,914 ratings
- Leolyn Louise Everett

This is a compilation and publication of sleep-related poetry, exalting the delight of sleep, as well as bemoaning the lack of it.

Sailing Alone Around the World | Joshua Slocum
8,152 ratings
- Joshua Slocum

Joshua Slocum was the first man to sail around the world alone in a small boat. He personally rebuilt an 11.2 metre sloop-rigged fishing boat that...

Supermind | Laurence M. Janifer and Randall Garrett
47 ratings
- Laurence M. Janifer and Randall Garrett

FBI agent Kenneth Malone lives in a world where psionic powers such as telepathy and teleportation exist. He must cope with them as well as an FBI...

The Song of the Lark | Willa Sibert Cather
8,024 ratings
- Willa Sibert Cather

Set in the 1890s in Moonstone, a fictional place supposedly located in Colorado, The Song of the Lark is the self-portrait of an artist in the...

The Shrieking Pit | Arthur J. Rees
70 ratings
- Arthur J. Rees

Grant Colwyn, a private detective, is holidaying in East Anglia when he notices a young man at a nearby table behaving peculiarly. The young man...

The Secret Pact | Mildred A. Wirt
78 ratings
- Mildred A. Wirt

PENNY PARKER is a teen-aged sleuth and amateur reporter with an uncanny knack for uncovering and solving unusual, sometimes bizarre mysteries. The...

Sex | Henry Stanton
66 ratings
- Henry Stanton

Henry Stanton’s book Sex – Avoided Subjects Discussed in Plain English is intended as a frank guide to human sexual behavior and relationships. It...

The Secret Passage | Fergus Hume
85 ratings
- Fergus Hume

Excellent murder mystery. The NY Times Saturday Review of Books described this book as follows: “That painstakingly ingenious person, Fergus Hume...

Star Surgeon | Alan Edward Nourse
416 ratings
- Alan Edward Nourse

Dal Timgar had always wanted to be a doctor. As a Garvian and the first non-human to study medicine on Hospital Earth, he must face enormous...

The Story of the Atlantic Telegraph | Henry Field
2 ratings
- Henry Field

Cyrus W. Field had a dream: to link the Old World of Britain and Europe to that of the New World of North America by a telegraph cable stretching...

A Strange Disappearance | Anna Katharine Green
301 ratings
- Anna Katharine Green

Anna Katharine Green was an American poet and novelist. She was one of the first writers of detective fiction in America and distinguished herself...

The Seventh Man | Max Brand
284 ratings
- Max Brand

The Seventh Man by Max Brand, tells part of the story of the larger-than-life western character, Dan Barry, known as “Whistling Dan,” and his...

The Skylark of Space | E. E. Smith
2,375 ratings
- E. E. Smith

The novel begins with the accidental discovery, in a Government laboratory in Washington D. C., of a form of clean nuclear power. Our hero, Dr....

The Star of Gettysburg | Joseph A. Altsheler
61 ratings
- Joseph A. Altsheler

The Army of Northern Virginia, still victorious after three hard years of fighting, capitalize on their victories at Fredericksburg and...

The Story of the Three Little Pigs | L. Leslie Brooke
342 ratings
- L. Leslie Brooke

This version of the classic tale of the three pigs, their houses and a wolf, has a new twist in its second half.

The Swiss Family Robinson | Johann David Wyss
94,950 ratings
- Johann David Wyss

The Swiss Family Robinson has delighted generations of readers with its exciting tale of a family which, though shipwrecked, displays “the right...

Summa Theologica - Part 2, Volume 1 | Saint Thomas Aquinas
3,327 ratings
- Saint Thomas Aquinas

The Summa Theologica is the most famous work of Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225–1274) although it was never finished. It was intended as a manual for...

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