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The Master Builder | Henrik Ibsen
29,669 ratings
- Henrik Ibsen

Henrik Ibsen's The Master Builder, is about architect Halvard Solness, who despite personal tragedy (including the death of his two sons) has...

Madame De Treymes | Edith Wharton
651 ratings
- Edith Wharton

Edith Wharton's novella explores the milieu of Americans living abroad in Paris. New Yorker John Durham travels to Paris to woo an old flame,...

The Metal Monster | Abraham Merritt
185 ratings
- Abraham Merritt

Dr. Goodwin is on a botanical expedition in the Himalayas. There he meets Dick Drake, the son of one of his old science acquaintances. They are...

Mother West Wind 'Why' Stories | Thornton W. Burgess
152 ratings
- Thornton W. Burgess

Thornton W. Burgess was a conservationist and prolific author of children’s books. His gently humorous stories about the animals of the meadows...

The Machine That Saved The World | Murray Leinster
54 ratings
- Murray Leinster

They were broadcasts from nowhere--sinister emanations flooding in from space--smashing any receiver that picked them up. What defense could Earth...

The Man with Two Left Feet | P. G. Wodehouse
3,098 ratings
- P. G. Wodehouse

The Man With Two Left Feet, and Other Stories is a collection of short stories by P. G. Wodehouse, all the stories had previously appeared in...

A Master Hand | Richard Dallas
8 ratings
- Richard Dallas

This murder mystery, by Richard Dallas, describes a fictional crime that took place in the New York City of 1883. A fine period piece as well as a...

The Measurement of Intelligence | Lewis Terman
6 ratings
- Lewis Terman

An explanation of and a completed guide for the use of the Stanford revision and the Simon Binford intelligence test

The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg and Other Stories | Mark Twain
2,299 ratings
- Mark Twain

“The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg” is a piece of short fiction by Mark Twain.

My Lady Ludlow | Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
778 ratings
- Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

This novella by the acclaimed Elizabeth Gaskell follows the reminiscences and life of aristocratic Lady Ludlow, told through the eyes of one of...

Mr. Wicker's Window | Carley Dawson
36 ratings
- Carley Dawson

When twelve-year-old Chris entered Mr. Wicker’s shop to inquire about a job for his friend, something about old Mr. Wicker forced him to take the...

Miscellaneous Essays | Thomas De Quincey
21 ratings
- Thomas De Quincey

The Hunter Thompson of the 19th Century, de Quincey is best known for his Confessions of an English Opium Eater (an activity shared with his hero...

The Magnificent Ambersons | Booth Tarkington
9,860 ratings
- Booth Tarkington

In a world where a gentleman’s life is defined more “by being, rather than by doing,” a family’s reputation can be compromised if it is not...

Morning Bells | Frances Ridley Havergal
29 ratings
- Frances Ridley Havergal

Thirty-one brief morning devotionals, simple enough for the child audience for which they were written, but also inspiring for adults needing some...

Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution | Peter Kropotkin
1,835 rating
- Peter Kropotkin

Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution is a book by Peter Kropotkin on the subject of mutual aid, written while he was living in exile in England....

The Man from Glengarry; a tale of the Ottawa | Ralph Connor
75 ratings
- Ralph Connor

We follow the story of Ranald Macdonald, who is shaped by family and community in rural eastern Ontario in the early decades after Canadian...

The Moneychangers | Upton Sinclair
354 ratings
- Upton Sinclair

A story of white collar crime and intrigue told from the point of view of Montague, a member of the privileged class of New York. Montague...

Mosses from an Old Manse and other stories | Nathaniel Hawthorne
133 ratings
- Nathaniel Hawthorne

"Mosses from an Old Manse" is a short story collection by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The collection includes several previously-published short stories...

The Master's Indwelling | Andrew Murray
414 ratings
- Andrew Murray

In all the writings of minister and writer Andrew Murray, we see his passion for reality in the lives of Christian believers. In this series of...

The Mysterious Island | Jules Verne
42,369 ratings
- Jules Verne

A story of castaways, similar to Robinson Crusoe and The Swiss Family Robinson, this book details the escape from Civil War-era Richmond, Virginia...

Mildred Keith | Martha Finley
106 ratings
- Martha Finley

Mildred Keith has a good life in Lansdale, Ohio - family, friends and school keep her happy and busy. But when her parents announce they're all...

Mrs. Warren's Profession | George Bernard Shaw
4,964 ratings
- George Bernard Shaw

The story centers on the relationship between Mrs Kitty Warren, a rich woman, described by the author as "on the whole, a genial and fairly...

Memory: How to Develop, Train, and Use it | William Walker Atkinson
13 ratings
- William Walker Atkinson

An in-depth series of chapters devoted to the use of our memory system; as the title suggests, how to develop our memory system, how to train it...

The Moving Picture Girls | Laura Lee Hope
43 ratings
- Laura Lee Hope

Ruth and Alice DeVere and their father Hosmer struggle to make ends meet in New York City – times are hard, even for a talented actor like Mr....

Miss Ashton's New Pupil | Sarah Stuart Robbins
11 ratings
- Sarah Stuart Robbins

Marion Park, the daughter of missionaries, is sent to Miss Ashton's boarding school. There she meets with many young girls and together they learn...

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