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The Hungry Stones and Other Stories | Rabindranath Tagore
453 ratings
- Rabindranath Tagore

This is a collection of short stories written by the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. The stories contained in this volume were translated by...

The Haunters and The Haunted |
64 ratings

Collection of haunted tales.

History of Julius Caesar | Jacob Abbott
562 ratings
- Jacob Abbott

Gaius Julius Caesar was a Roman general and statesman. He played a critical role in the gradual transformation of the Roman Republic into the...

A Horse's Tale | Mark Twain
282 ratings
- Mark Twain

Soldier Boy is the top steed at Fort Paxton. He is Buffalo Bill’s favorite horse and has led a life of glory and honor. One day General Alison’s...

His Dog | Albert Payson Terhune
166 ratings
- Albert Payson Terhune

His Dog is a story about Link Ferris who finds an injured dog on his way home one evening. Knowing nothing about dogs, Link nurses the dog back to...

Holidays at Roselands | Martha Finley
854 ratings
- Martha Finley

This is the second book of the much loved Elsie Dinsmore series and starts where the first book left off. Elsie is still recuperating from her...

The Hurricane Hunters | Ivan Ray Tannehill
1 rating
- Ivan Ray Tannehill

Here is the first intimate revelation of what the human eye and the most modern radars see in the violent regions of the tropical vortex. The...

Heritage of the Desert | Zane Grey
794 ratings
- Zane Grey

Jack Hare is a young cowboy who was rescued from sure death by an old settler by the name of August Naab. Hare learns that Naab's ranch is a...

The History of Lady Julia Mandeville | Frances Moore Brooke
5 ratings
- Frances Moore Brooke

Lady Julia, the daughter of the earl of Belmont, and Mr. Henry Mandeville are falling in love. Though Henry is like a family friend, this love is...

Helen's Babies | John Habberton
175 ratings
- John Habberton

In this hilarious novel, Harry Burton, a bachelor white-goods salesman, goes to take care of his sister Helen’s two little boys for ten days while...

The Harbor | Ernest Poole
124 ratings
- Ernest Poole

The Harbor is a fictional account of life on a Brooklyn waterfront through the eyes of Billy as he is growing up. The novel starts with Billy the...

Habits that Handicap | Charles B. Towns
3 ratings
- Charles B. Towns

Habits that Handicap is one of three novels about alcoholism and drug addiction written by Charles B. Towns. Towns was an expert on alcoholism and...

House of the Seven Gables | Nathaniel Hawthorne
34,439 ratings
- Nathaniel Hawthorne

“The wrongdoing of one generation lives into the successive ones and… becomes a pure and uncontrollable mischief.” Hawthorne’s moral for “The...

Howards End | E. M. Forster
78,287 ratings
- E. M. Forster

The book is about three families in England at the beginning of the twentieth century. The three families represent different gradations of the...

The History of Pompey the Little | Francis Coventry
No ratings yet
- Francis Coventry

"Pompey, the son of Julio and Phyllis, was born A.D. 1735, at Bologna in Italy, a place famous for lap-dogs and sausages." At an early age he was...

The Histories | Publius Cornelius Tacitus
256 ratings
- Publius Cornelius Tacitus

The Histories was written between 100 and 110 A.D. It covered the Year of Four Emperors following the downfall of Nero, the rise of Vespasian, and...

Highways and Byways in Sussex | E. V. Lucas
13 ratings
- E. V. Lucas

A very personal and opinionated wander through the Sussex of around 1900, illustrated with anecdotes, literary and poetic quotations, gravestone...

His Family | Ernest Poole
1,817 rating
- Ernest Poole

The 1910s is historically considered the decade of greatest social change in history. It saw the advent and proliferation of the automobile,...

Histology of the Blood | Paul Ehrlich and Adolf Lazarus
No ratings yet
- Paul Ehrlich and Adolf Lazarus

This is a textbook on the science of blood and bloodwork by Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Paul Ehrlich. Should appeal to hematologists, phlebotomists,...

In the High Valley | Susan Coolidge
624 ratings
- Susan Coolidge

In the High Valley” is the fifth and last book of the popular “What Katy did” series by Susan Coolidge.
The story starts out with Lionel...

History of Decline of Roman Empire - Vol 2 | Edward Gibbon
2,504 ratings
- Edward Gibbon

The History of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, a major literary achievement of the 18th century published in six volumes, was written by...

History of Decline of Roman Empire - Vol 3 | Edward Gibbon
2,504 ratings
- Edward Gibbon

The History of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, a major literary achievement of the 18th century published in six volumes, was written by...

Hoof and Claw | Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
9 ratings
- Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts

These 14 short stories about animals are superb examples of Roberts smooth storytelling style. Knows as the Father of Canadian Poetry, he loved to...

The Hawk of Egypt | Joan Conquest
14 ratings
- Joan Conquest

A tragic love triangle between a beautiful English girl, an English gentleman, and a half-English, half-Egyptian plays out among the ruins and...

Hushed Up! A Mystery of London | William Le Queux
34 ratings
- William Le Queux

A young man, Owen Biddulph, is drawn to a beautiful young woman with a mysterious past... a past that seems to have returned to cause her...

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