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Edison's Conquest of Mars | Garrett P. Serviss
137 ratings
- Garrett P. Serviss

“Edison’s Conquest of Mars” was published as an unauthorized sequel to H. G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds. The book was endorsed by Thomas Edison...

Elsie's Widowhood | Martha Finley
362 ratings
- Martha Finley

The fourth book in the Elsie Dinsmore series, Elsie grows into a young woman. She marries her father's old friend, Edward Travilla, and together...

Effi Briest | Theodor Fontane
9,694 ratings
- Theodor Fontane

Effi Briest is a classic of Prussian Realism, relatively unknown in the English speaking world, but widely taught in German schools. This tragic...

The Elixir of Life | Honoré de Balzac
344 ratings
- Honoré de Balzac

Grand Duke Bartolommeo Belvidero is ninty years old and living in the princely palace at Ferrara, Italy, with the young and handsome Don Juan...

Enoch Arden | Baron Alfred Tennyson
42 ratings
- Baron Alfred Tennyson

In the poem "Enoch Arden," Tennyson's epic narrative of the enduring power of love in the face of insurmountable odds, is found a classic example...

The Essays of Montaigne | Michel de Montaigne
11,742 ratings
- Michel de Montaigne

Michel Eyquem de Montaigne is one of the most influential writers of the French Renaissance, known for popularizing the essay as a literary genre...

Euthyphro | Plato
6,646 ratings
- Plato

Awaiting his trial on charges of impiety and heresy, Socrates encounters Euthyphro, a self-proclaimed authority on matters of piety and the will...

An Englishwoman's Love-Letters | Anonymous
12 ratings

It need hardly be said that the woman by whom these letter were written had no thought that they would be read by anyone but the person to whom...

The Eventful History of H.M.S. Bounty | Sir John Barrow
199 ratings
- Sir John Barrow

The mutiny on the Bounty occurred aboard a British Royal Navy ship on 28 April 1789. The mutiny was led by Fletcher Christian against the...

Europe and the Faith | Hilaire Belloc
179 ratings
- Hilaire Belloc

The Catholic brings to history (when I say "history" in these pages I mean the history of Christendom) self-knowledge. As a man in the...

The Ethical Engineer | Harry Harrison
2,620 ratings
- Harry Harrison

The Ethical Engineer also known as Deathworld II finds our hero Jason dinAlt captured to face justice for his crimes, but the ever-wily gambler...

Exercises in Knitting | Cornelia Mee
108 ratings
- Cornelia Mee

Mrs. Mee, her husband, and her sister ran a yarn and needlework import/warehouse business in Bath, England. Her books primarily contain practical...

Exercises in Knitting | Cornelia Mee
108 ratings
- Cornelia Mee

Mrs. Mee, her husband, and her sister ran a yarn and needlework import/warehouse business in Bath, England. Her books primarily contain practical...

Ester Ried | Pansy
261 ratings
- Pansy

Authored by Isabella M. Alden under the pen name “Pansy.” Ester Ried’s life is a dull monotony of toiling at her family’s boardinghouse. She’s...

Elsie's Girlhood | Martha Finley
824 ratings
- Martha Finley

In the third book of Martha Finley's much-loved Elsie Dinsmore series, Elsie's life is traced from the tender age of 12 or 13 to the mature age of...

England, Canada and the Great War | Louis-Georges Desjardins
1 rating
- Louis-Georges Desjardins

Mr. Desjardins was driven to write this work to refute statements uttered by the nationalist Henri Bourassa, which the former feared painted all...

Essays on some unsettled Questions of Political Economy | John Stuart Mill
29 ratings
- John Stuart Mill

This is Mill’s first work on economics. It foreshadows his Political Economy which was the standard Anglo-American Economics textbook of the late...

Eminent Victorians | Lytton Strachey
2,077 ratings
- Lytton Strachey

"Eminent Victorians" marked an epoch in the art of biography; it also helped to crack the old myths of high Victorianism and to usher in a new...

An Eye for an Eye | Anthony Trollope
297 ratings
- Anthony Trollope

A short but typical Trollope romance in which a young nobleman is torn between love for an impoverished Irish girl and the expectations of his...

Elective Affinities | Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
3 ratings
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Elective Affinities was Goethe's third novel. It depicts human relationships in a Romantic crucible, and is the source book and inspiration for...

Emerson's Wife and Other Western Stories | Florence Finch Kelly
9 ratings
- Florence Finch Kelly

Collection of adventure stories set in the wild west.

Earthbound | Lester Del Rey
No ratings yet
- Lester Del Rey

He wanted above anything else to go into space. He had been waiting for it—a long time!

The Eyes of the World | Harold Bell Wright
187 ratings
- Harold Bell Wright

The novel explores what Harold Bell Wright views as the false world of artists, writers, critics, and their wealthy patrons. Two of the main...

The Enchridion | Saint Augustine of Hippo
No ratings yet
- Saint Augustine of Hippo

The Enchiridion, Manual, or Handbook of Augustine of Hippo is alternatively titled, “Faith, Hope, and Love”. The Enchiridion is a compact treatise...

Evelina's Garden | Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
34 ratings
- Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

This is a long short story from 1899, approximately 95 minutes more or less, about a mysterious woman living virtually alone on the outskirts of a...

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