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Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich | Stephen Leacock
247 ratings
- Stephen Leacock

“Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich” is a work of humorous fiction by Stephen Leacock. It is a sequence of interlocking stories set in one...

The Antichrist | Friedrich Nietzsche
19,940 ratings
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Save for his raucous, rhapsodical autobiography, Ecce Homo, The Antichrist is the last thing that Nietzsche ever wrote, and so it may be accepted...

Anticipations | H. G. Wells
61 ratings
- H. G. Wells

Wells considered this book one of his most important, a natural follow-up to such works as his Man of the Year Million and The Time Machine. His...

Arabic - Levantine | Learn to Speak
1 rating
- Learn to Speak

Levantine Arabic refers to a dialect of educated Palestinians who have been long term residents of Beirut. This dialect is mutually...

The Adventures of Odysseus and The Tales of Troy | Padraic Colum
1,342 rating
- Padraic Colum

Also known as "The Children's Homer," this is Irish writer Padraic Colum's retelling of the events of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey for young people....

The Amateur | Richard Harding Davis
29 ratings
- Richard Harding Davis

On the steamer on his way to London, Austin Ford meets a young woman, who is going to London to find her missing husband. Being a specialist in...

The Art of Controversy or The Art of Being Right | Arthur Schopenhauer
7,222 ratings
- Arthur Schopenhauer

The Art of Controversy (or The Art of Being Right) is a short treatise by the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer in which he presents thirty-...

Autobiography of a Seaman | Lord Thomas Cochrane
108 ratings
- Lord Thomas Cochrane

This two volume work is the autobiography of Lord Cochrane, a naval captain of the Napoleonic period. His adventures are seminal to the...

Annual Haircut Day | Pratham Books
No ratings yet
- Pratham Books

The story of a man who goes all around town to get his haircut, but no one in town has time to cut such long hair. He goes to the woods wakes a...

The Admirable Bashville | George Bernard Shaw
33 ratings
- George Bernard Shaw

The Admirable Bashville is a product of the British law of copyright. As that law stands at present, the first person who patches up a stage...

This, That, and the Other | Hillaire Belloc
No ratings yet
- Hillaire Belloc

“When Fame comes upon a man well before death then must he most particularly beware of it, for is it then most dangerous. Neither must he, having...

The Andes and the Amazon | James Orton
7 ratings
- James Orton

This book, with the subtitle "Across the Continent of South America" describes the scientific expedition of 1867 to the equatorial Andes and the...

The Adventures of Grandfather Frog | Thornton W. Burgess
316 ratings
- Thornton W. Burgess

Longlegs the Blue Heron felt decidedly out of sorts. It was a beautiful morning, too beautiful for any one to be feeling that way. Indeed, it was...

Agatha Webb | Anna Katharine Green
163 ratings
- Anna Katharine Green

A universally beloved woman has been murdered. But who would have the heart to kill Agatha Webb? Would her husband do it for money matters? Or...

The Adventures of Poor Mrs. Quack | Thornton W. Burgess
210 ratings
- Thornton W. Burgess

Poor Mrs. Quack the Duck has suffered terrible misfortunes at the hands of hunters with guns. Peter Rabbit, Jerry Muskrat, and the other animals...

Ali Pacha | Alexandre Dumas
83 ratings
- Alexandre Dumas

Ali Tepeleni, Pacha of Janina, rose to power during the early 1800s in one of the Ottoman Empire’s most unruly territories (Albania). His...

Anaya's Thumb | Pratham Books
No ratings yet
- Pratham Books

The Story of a little girl who likes to suck her thumb, but then soon realizes that she misses out on fun if she keeps doing it.

Apologia Pro Vita Sua | John Henry Newman
1,230 rating
- John Henry Newman

A religious autobiography of unsurpassed interest, the simple confidential tone of which "revolutionized the popular estimate of its author,"...

An Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews | Henry Fielding
719 ratings
- Henry Fielding

An Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews, or simply Shamela, as it is more commonly known, is a satirical novel written by Henry Fielding...

The Awakening of Spring | Frank Wedekind
5,864 ratings
- Frank Wedekind

The Awakening of Spring is the German dramatist Frank Wedekind's first major play and a seminal work in the modern history of theatre. It is the...

The Adventures of Buster Bear | Thornton W. Burgess
449 ratings
- Thornton W. Burgess

The Adventures of Buster Bear is another set of children’s stories by the conservationist, Thornton W. Burgess. Buster Bear has many adventures...

Aids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology | W. G. Aitchison Robertson
31 ratings
- W. G. Aitchison Robertson

A 1922 source-book for British criminal pathologists, this will be of particular interest to fans of popular police forensics television shows,...

Alcibiades I | Plato
292 ratings
- Plato

As Jowett relates in his brilliant introduction, 95% of Plato's writing is certain and his reputation rests soundly on this foundation. The...

The Ambulance Made Two Trips | Murray Leinster
61 ratings
- Murray Leinster

If you should set a thief to catch a thief, what does it take to stop a racketeer

American Fairy Tales | L. Frank Baum
1,477 rating
- L. Frank Baum

This collection of fantasy stories was originally serialized in regional newspapers, prior to being published as a complete volume. The stories,...

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