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Mr. Justice Raffles

E. W. Hornung

Book Overview: 

A. J. Raffles is a British gentleman thief of some renown who, in this, the hero's final adventure, ironically demonstrates a sense of morality by teaching a London East End loan shark a lesson. The book was later made into a movie, as well as a British television series

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .It's close quarters, Bunny; we shall have an expert eye upon us for some time to come. But I should rather enjoy that than otherwise, if only Teddy hadn't bolted in this rotten way."

Never had I known Raffles in so pessimistic a mood. I did not share his sombre view of either matter, though I confined my remarks to the one that seemed to weigh most heavily on his mind.

"A guinea to a gooseberry," I wagered, "that you find your man safe and sound at Lord's."

"I rang them up ten minutes ago," said Raffles. "They hadn't heard of him then; besides, here's his cricket-bag."

"He may have been at the club when I fetched it away—I never asked."

"I did, Bunny. I rang them up as well, just after you had left."

"Then what about his father's house?"

"That's our one chance," said Raffles. "They're not on the telephone, but now. . . Read More

Community Reviews

[ book 4 of A.J. RAFFLES Series ]
Copyright © E.W. Hornung | first published by Smith, Elder & Co. in 1909
Penerbit Visimedia
Alih Bahasa : Melody Violine
Editor : Fitria Pratiwi
Proofreader : Tim Redaksi Visimedia
Desain Sampul...more

This book is rather like the curate's egg - good in parts. Yes, the London scene pre-World War I is well set and the action does, on occasions, move swiftly along but on other occasions the plot seems long drawn out and there are, consequently, lengthy spells of inactivity.

I do love Raffles as a...more

Quite entertaining - but almost more of a tease, as there are references to other adventures that make me wish this was an omnibus! Now I'm going to have to ferret out the others! (Yes, cricket lovers would have added incentive to read this.)Raffles is smart as a whip and keeps his friend (and me...more

I can see why the readers were disappointed when this novel first came out, but it's not bad really, just less of a typical Raffles theft story and somewhat drawn out. There's more place for character development though and I especially liked the rarity in a Victorian novel - a strong female char...more

Mr. Justice Raffles (Pencuri Legendaris dari Inggris) merupakan satu-satunya sajian novel yang mengisahkan A.J. Raffles. Sebelumnya, kisah A.J. Raffles hanya disajikan dalam bentuk cerpen saja. Ditulis oleh Ernest William Hornung, pertama kali diterbitkan pada tahun 1909 oleh penerbit Smith, Elde...more

Raffles is a good read

I enjoyed reading about the adventures of Raffles and
Meanders and how Raffles got out of his problem with his enemy.

An interesting read....the very British phrases and words made it a tougher read than expected. His style of writing is unusual compared to most of the authors I have read before this. I missed some of the action and some of the play-on-words while winding my way through this book. But, it was a...more

First i want to say that A.J. Raffles and Harry "Bunny" Manders have the most beautiful friendship in book that i ever read! Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are have a beautiful friendship too but A.J. Raffles and Bunny friendship is on different level in my opinion. In this book, the story start...more

Untuk novel yang satu ini, saya rasa setiap ceritanya menyajikan kisah intrik yang seru, menguji kecerdasan dan kecerdikan para pembaca untuk menilik lebih lanjut cerita dari Raffles, sang pencuri legendaris dari Inggris. Disisi lain, bahasa yang ditawarkan cukup rumit dan harus dibaca b...more

Mr Justice Raffles ends the Raffles series by E W Hornung with one long story in which Raffles matches wits with a moneylender as clever and resourceful as himself. Hornung is a superb storyteller and this comes closer to a conventional crime novel than the earlier Raffles stories, with hero and...more

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