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More William

Richmal Crompton

Book Overview: 

The second of Crompton’s series of 39 books about William Brown, our cheeky 11 year-old protagonist. A hero to some, a dastardly villain to others, this book is structured round a year in his life. Starting with William waking up on Christmas morning and ending with him going to sleep the following Christmas Eve, there are the usual round of misadventures, misunderstandings, and general mayhem in between. When a boy like William wakes up under a motto that says “A Busy Day Is A Happy Day” alongside a copy of “Things A Boy Can Do”, chaos is just around the corner. Includes the very first William short story – “Rice Mould”. Often dismissed as children’s literature, the first few books of William stories were probably aimed more at an adult audience. They resonate with a distinctly English humor, but there are obvious echoes from ‘Tom Sawyer’ and ‘Huckleberry Finn’.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .you won't find another dog like this—not for miles!"

"Will 'e be much good as a watch dog, now?" asked Mr. Blank carelessly.

"Good?" said William, almost indignant at the question. "There isn't any sort of dog he isn't good at!"

"Umph," said Mr. Blank, looking at him thoughtfully.

"Tell me about things you've done," said William earnestly.

"Yus, I will, too," said Mr. Blank. "But jus' you tell me first 'oo lives at all these 'ere nice 'ouses an' all about 'em. See?"

William departed with an air of scowling mystery, leaving his parents speechless with amazement.

William readily complied, and the strange couple gradually wended their way along the road towards William's house. William stopped at the gate and considered deeply. He was torn between instincts of hospitality and a dim suspicion that his family would not afford to Mr. Blank that courtesy which is a guest's due. He looked at Mr. Blank's . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Being a mummy you have to read plenty of stories and this is one we originally found in audio form. Luckily I managed to find a copy for bedtime and other times I am demanded from my 4yr old to read to him. These wonderful stories, while dated are full of adventure and mischief but truely lovely....more

I loved the William books...a bygone age but still amusing and real insight into the mind and imagination of a 'boy'!

This audio book continues the adventures of William and his family and friend and is just as amusing and lighthearted as the previous books. The narrator, Martin Jarvis, is excellent and his performance adds to the enjoyment of the book. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it,

Having really enjoyed Just William, I found this book quite frustrating. I stopped reading it for a while over Christmas when I went back to the UK, and didn't really want to pick it up again. Although I got to the end eventually, I didn't finish at least one story because I didn't like the way t...more

This is another entertaining William book.

For Christmas William gets a book called “Portraits of our Kings and Queens”, which he understandably casts aside, and one entitled “Things a Boy can do” which he finds extremely promising.

This unfortunate book suggests and gives precise instructions as t...more

The William Brown books are meant to be read by young teenagers. But when I was of that age, I merely knew of their existence though I never found the books to read. I find them in the bookstores only now... when I'm firmly in my 30s. But I read a few anyway just to see why my mother and her sibl...more

And my first book of the New Year was first published in 19-bloody-22! Must've read this first as a schoolkid, and I definitely remember this series of Armada paperbacks with "William" written in script. Hilarious, nostalgic, and refreshing. If you need a breath of fresh air in your reading, or j...more

(#34 in my Year of Reading Women)
This is the second Just William book I've read this year and each one has been an enormous treat. As always with short story collections, the quality is variable, but at its best the stories in this far surpass even the best in the first collection.

In one, he befr...more

Still on the nostalgia trail... moving on to another childhood favourite. I made my first acquaintance with William, the boy with the outsize imagination, grandiose schemes and total disregard for social consequences through this book. I fell instantly in love with this "outlaw among outlaws.

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