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Snowdrop and Other Tales | The Brothers Grimm
120 ratings
- The Brothers Grimm

Collection of myths, legends, and fairy tales written by the famous brothers Grimm.

Snowflakes | Esther Nelson Karn
No ratings yet
- Esther Nelson Karn

A collection of poems with varying subjects.

Some Imagist Poets | Various
13 ratings
- Various

Poem collection of famous poets who convey descriptive rural settings

Some Short Stories | Henry James
25 ratings
- Henry James

Collection of short stories by Henry James

Somehow Good | William Frend De Morgan
2 ratings
- William Frend De Morgan

A mysterious man arrives in London and, in a freak accident, gets electrocuted on an underground train and loses his memory. A young lady called...

Songs and Other Verse | Eugene Field
1 rating
- Eugene Field

Lighthearted poems written by Eugene Fields

Songs of a Sourdough | Robert W. Service
81 ratings
- Robert W. Service

Collection of Poems

Songs of Kabir | Kabir
336 ratings
- Kabir

Kabir was a mystic poet and saint of India, whose writings have greatly influenced the Bhakti movement.

The basic religious principles he...

Songs Of The Road | Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
3 ratings
- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Although best known for the creation of the detective Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle did not only write works of mystery and of advenure - he...

Spirits in bondage | C. S. Lewis
282 ratings
- C. S. Lewis

The darkness of the verse is most evident in Part One (The Prison House), begins to change in the short transitional Part Two (Hesitation) and...

Star Struck | Emmy Z. Madrigal
2 ratings
- Emmy Z. Madrigal

Imagine waking from a nap to find your favorite music star sitting in the chair across from you. Cynthia has to pinch herself when she meets Derek...

Sword Blades and Poppy Seed | Amy Lowell
20 ratings
- Amy Lowell

This is a volume of poems by Amy Lowell.

The Schoolmistress and Other Stories | Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
49 ratings
- Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Collection of short stories in the Chekhov series.

The Seats of the Mighty | Gilbert Parker
4 ratings
- Gilbert Parker

For the time of his story Mr. Parker has chosen the most absorbing period of the romantic eighteenth-century history of Quebec. The curtain rises...

The Secret of the Night | Gaston Leroux
76 ratings
- Gaston Leroux

Gaston Leroux, perhaps best known as the author of The Phantom of the Opera in its novel form, was also the author of a popular series of mystery...

The Secret of the Silver Car | Wyndham Martyn
2 ratings
- Wyndham Martyn

Before he went to join the Armed Forces in World War I France, Anthony Trent had a successful secret 'career' as a master criminal in the USA,...

The Seigneurs of Old Canada | William Bennett Munro
1 rating
- William Bennett Munro

It was during one of her proud and prosperous eras that France began her task of creating an empire beyond the Atlantic. At no time, indeed, was...

The Seven Follies of Science | John Phin
3 ratings
- John Phin

The seven follies of science; a popular account of the most famous scientific impossibilities and the attempts which have been made to solve them...

The Seven Sleuths' Club | Carol Norton
6 ratings
- Carol Norton

Some girls from a day school started a club called Spread Sunshine Club, but change the name when they decide to find some mysteries to solve....

The Sex Life of the Gods | Michael Knerr
23 ratings
- Michael Knerr

Beth Danson was about twenty-five and, besides her deep auburn-brown hair and lovely face, she boasted an equally attractive body. He found...

The Shades of the Wilderness | Joseph A. Altsheler
10 ratings
- Joseph A. Altsheler

The Shades of the Wilderness" is the seventh book of the Civil War Series by Joseph A. Altsheler. Picking up where "The Star of Gettysburg" left...

The Short Line War | Samuel Merwin and Henry Kitchell Webster
4 ratings
- Samuel Merwin and Henry Kitchell Webster

The Short Line War is a story that will appeal more particularly to the sterner sex, and we take it that the hyphenated name, Merwin-Webster,...

The Shunned House | H. P. Lovecraft
1,467 rating
- H. P. Lovecraft

A posthumous story of immense power, written by a master of weird fiction—a tale of a revolting horror in the cellar of an old house in New...

The Silver Horde | Rex Ellingwood Beach
10 ratings
- Rex Ellingwood Beach

The Silver Horde , is set in Kalvik, a fictionalized community in Bristol Bay, Alaska, and tells the story of a down on his luck gold miner who...

The Slizzers | Jerome Bixby
4 ratings
- Jerome Bixby

The main trouble is that you'd never suspect anything was wrong; you'd enjoy associating with slizzers, so long as you didn't know.

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